The Lost Designs

I don’t know if I ever shared this with you but quite a long time ago, as I was preparing to set up this WordPress site, I attempted to come up with a new design for this place.

Something a bit darker and more in line with my tastes.

Here are the results of my work.

They’re not that great and not even finished but I figured I’d share them anyway.

Some of you have asked about progress on Shadevil. It is non-existent. I am earning a good wage at the moment and I am debt-free at last. I am working as a developer which drains a lot of my energy which leaves me nothing for any personal development. There will be a time when I return to create another game, but I’m unsure when that will be.

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  1. Decks says:

    well I like the layout and the colors of the pages.

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