Shadevil Landing Page Updated

This is just a brief notification to let you know I have updated the landing page at to include the Map and Map Editor that I developed some time ago. I have made an adjustment to make it easier to use. When you hover over a square it will now be highlighted. This works best in Firefox 4 (tested) but the latest version of other browsers are not working as well as expected. This is where I suddenly lost interest in fixing more monotonous cross-browser bugs. I had actually planned to make it stand-alone so it does not require a login but i discovered that it wasn’t possible.

So after discovery of these 2 issues, I decided I will be remaking the map and map editor, it may also include some extra features, and i can guarantee that it will be much more user friendly than the existing version. Also, by recreating it with my current level of experience, I will be able to make it plug into Shadevil quite easily on release.


PS. I hope my last post wasn’t too upsetting lol :D

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  1. Decks says:

    looks pretty good in Firefox. only thing I use now a days

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